Greece on strike

So Greece is on strike. One deals with some 1,500 refugees + some hundreds from our own vessel after a almost-non-sleeping class trip from Lesvos to Pyraeus (you're finally falling asleep and they announce arrival - 12 hours after departure - it was a ship). Eight and a half hours later we (Laetitia and I) try to get to our shelter for the night. After trying to hitchhike, negotiate with a taxi driver (he wanted 100 euro to go from Pyraeus to Athens) we decided to wait for a bus. Bus came, be it already overloaded.

Occupying Gender: The Role of Israeli Occupation in Domestic Violence and Femicide in Occupied Palestine

The purpose of this research is to identify whether the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem leads to increased domestic violence within the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). This research draws upon gender as a theoretical construct, including theories of humiliation and overcompensation, in combination with impacting factors of the occupation using statistical data on domestic violence and violence towards Palestinians in the OPT by the Israeli occupation forces and settlers.

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